If you placed an order thank you so much! To pay for your item please mail a check to 12154 Timber LN SE Jefferson OR 97352 or pay with QNE Pay. Please sign all checks to Liem Brawn. Please include your email address / QNESite username in the mail with the payment so we know it was you who was paying for your items. We do not ship/deliver your items until we recieve payment. If we do not recieve payment within 2 weeks(if you mail the payment within the two weeks(the date your mail was stamped) we will accept that as recieving payment within 2 weeks) of recieving the order, the order will be canceled and we will let you know. You can now see everything about your orders and more in The Town Workshops QNESites customer accounts! We only ship orders in the USA. Thank you so much for your order!